World-Class 24/7 Jewelry

How I Got Started

I made my first collar in the early-90s out of cold roll steel.  I had decided to model it after the Turian collar preferred in the city of Turia on the planet Gor.  It was described in Nomads of Gor by John Norman; his fourth book about Gor (and one of my favorites).  

 A friend had married an older biker and introduced me to him. She has seen the collar and asked him to place one on her. We talked about it and he suggested one out of stainless steel, and we decided 5/16 inch stock would be light enough to wear comfortably and heavy enough to make a statement. When I took it to him (he lived out of state) he decided to polish it.  Being a biker and having built bikes, he had a big Baldor polisher and we put a nice high polish on it. And suggested I make some to sell.

The Then a man from Louisiana contacted me. It turned out he was interested in Gor and was a webmaster. We became friends and he built my website (thanks Gene).  That was in the mid-90s, House of Collars was born.

Gene had been in bad health for years and my website was badly out of date and not even usable on mobile devices, so I had my minion build me a new site after almost 20 years.  

These Slave Collars and Cuffs are still made by me one at a time with starting from straight bar stock and Hand Crafting them into lovely jewelry.