World-Class 24/7 Jewelry

Stainless Steel Anklet


These oval-shaped anklets and are the perfect accessory to our stainless collars and cuffs. I use a tendon and mortise (tongue and grove) method for the hinge and closure It locks and unlocks with a small countersunk stainless steel screw. ( will not catch on hair ) that requires an allen wrench (provided) to open and close.


The hinge pin is also stainless steel so you can wear it 24/7.  Swim in it, bathes in it, Play in it. It is designed to be a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Price is for one anklet.

Made from solid 5/16" stainless steel style anklets are individually hand finished to a beautiful Polished finished or a Matte Satin finish.


Small - 2.75" x 3.25

Large - 3.25" x 3.50"

Each collar comes with 2 keys and two replacement screws.

All sizes are given in inside dimensions.