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  • Turian Collar, Stainless Steel

    $75.00 $69.00

    Worn as a choker, or as a larger necklace, it makes a lovely statement of elegance. It comes in your choice of high polish or soft satin finish and being entirely made of stainless steel it may be worn 24/7 if desired, and does not need to be removed for swimming or showering.

    Each one is still crafted, one at a time, with love, by be right here in the USA from 5/16 diameter solid US Stainless Steel.  Since this is an Artisan collar, made by me, a 3rd generation blacksmith, each one is unique in there own right just as the wearer is.  These are not mass produced by a CNC machine.

    I designed and made the original Turian collar in 1998 from the description of the preferred slave collar of the city Turia on the planet Gor, (Nomads of Gor by John Norman) Though it doesn’t have a lock with six pins, one for each letter of Kajira, as described in the books, it does make a lovely necklace that locks with a stainless steel small allen screw.

    Each collar comes with 2 keys and two replacement screws.

    All sizes are given in inside dimensions

    I offer this is a high polished finish or a matte satin finish