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Above and Beyond Quality

Are you tired of foreign made jewelry of questionable materials, sold as America Crafted? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality takes caring, craftsmanship, and dedication. We designed the first Turian slave collar, and have been hand crafting them in America of American Steel for over 20 years, so you know what you are purchasing, what it is crafted of, and who crafted it.

Cultivating Relationships

When you order from us, you become a part of the family. Seeing jewelry I crafted worn by a person is, to me, a very special thing. Be it tomorrow, or a piece I crafted years ago. I hope that my creation will be unique enough, and personal enough, that you will tell your friends, and when you wish for a new piece contact me.

Our Promise

As an old American company, my goal is not just a satisfied customer, but the start of a friendship. I designed and crafted my first stainless steel collar for the wife of a friend. In fact, he was a motorcycle enthusiast and showed me how to put the high polish on by hand. While he has passed on, the friendship lasted till the end. I hope you will be part of my family of friends also for years to come.